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CCcam.prio and oscam.dvbapi ( 14/02/2018 )

Posted by precccam on 14 02 2018. 2 Comments on CCcam.prio and oscam.dvbapi ( 14/02/2018 )

CCcam.prio and oscam.dvbapi updates for our costumers .

updates are for : Sky Germany , HD+ , ORF , TNTSAT , UPC Direct and other packages 

Download CCcam.prio and oscam.dvbapi from here : https://pre-cccam.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Cccampriooscamdvbapi.rar


What is a prio file?

Prio is the short for of “Priority” . A prio file has specific configs telling your receiver ( box ) to focus on which cards, caids and providers.

For instance on a package like HD+ There are many cards, 098C,1830 and 1843 . 1830 and 1843 are the best caid out there for HD+ So its best to focus the box on 1830 then 1843 .

Another example is UPC Direct , which has many cards 1815 , 0D97 and others . Our channels of this package are best on caid 0D97 and very bad on caid 1815. So we focus this package on 0D97 .

Anyways, proper config is done to our prio file and you can open it using a Notepad to see it`s content.

We will keep doing update our prio file from time to time. So keep visiting this page and pay attention to the release dates .



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